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Joining the BCITMA is your first step into the marketing industry

The British Columbia Institute of Technology’s Marketing Association is BCIT’s largest marketing-based organization on campus. Our objective is to bring all aspects of marketing to encourage the use of your creativity and innovation to our community.

Why choose BCITMA?

Despite the drawbacks from COVID-19, you can still expect networking opportunities within the BCITMA. Members have exclusive access to networking events, workshops, and more!

Want to get involved?

Contact our VP of Membership, Eileen Bui!
All you have to do is fill out the membership fee here (send to Eileen) and pay the membership fee.

There is a membership registration fee of $50. Due to the circumstances, your fee can only be paid by e-transfer.



Have any more questions? Feel free to leave a message below or schedule a meeting with our VP of Membership!