About Us

What We Do

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the premier professional marketing association of choice that provides networking access in a fun environment while supporting its members with a central source of marketing education on leading edge topics.

Our Goal

Our goal is to connect our members with each other and the community in order to create innovative marketing events, programs and campaigns that captivate our fellow students and marketers in addition to our larger local and global audiences.



What is the BCIT Marketing Association?

The BCIT Marketing Association (BCITMA) is a student-run club that provides practical job skills and industry connections to those interested in marketing. As a chapter of the American Marketing Association, the BCITMA is an internationally recognized club that is well known to employers.

Can I join the BCITMA without joining the American Marketing Association?

As a chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA), all BCITMA members are also registered AMA members. It is not possible to join the BCITMA without joining the AMA. Click here to learn more about becoming a member of the BCITMA.

Where does my membership money go?

The majority of the membership money goes towards the American Marketing Association’s membership fee and the remaining amount goes towards the BCITMA to help fund the club.

What are some of the benefits of joining the BCITMA?

The BCITMA’s mission is to increase its members’ employability and get them prepared for their future marketing careers. The BCITMA’s members get access to industry tours, panels, workshops, and speaker series that feature local marketing professionals. These events present a great opportunity to learn about current market trends and make important industry connections.

How often are industry tours?

Industry tours are usually held once a month.

Do I have to be a Marketing student to be a part of the Marketing Association?

The BCITMA is open to anyone that wishes to join. Any BCIT students that are interested in business or marketing are welcome to join, no matter their area of study.

What is NOLA?

NOLA is a common name for the American Marketing Association’s International Collegiate Conference, which is held every spring in New Orleans. The conference brings together students from Canada, the United States, and other participating countries. At the conference, students can compete in a variety of marketing, sales, and business competitions. There are also many great guest speakers and other learning opportunities. The BCITMA has been attending NOLA for many years, and plans to continue making the trek south every April.

How do I go to NOLA?

Students wishing to attend NOLA must be competing in a competition, and must also be an active member of the club throughout the year. Information about all of the competitions can be found here. The BCITMA will be holding information sessions in January about NOLA, and will be accepting letters of intent to attend the conference in early 2019.