Membe​​r of the Month, March – Ella Lindau

Meet Ella Lindau, the BCITMA’s April Member of the Month! Ella has been an active member of the Community Relations committee throughout the year, and is currently planning a workout to conquer cancer event for the month of May. Go Ella!

Ella has been elected for her hard work and dedication to her committee, and I am honoured to congratulate her on her newly elected VP position for the 2019-2020 Community Relations committee. I sat down with Ella to find out a little bit more about her and her hard work.  

Q. Why did you decide to get involved in the MA?

A. I went to the Connect event during the first month of school, and had the chance to speak to a couple of people in the MA. It seemed like a really nice group of people who all shared the same motivations and goals. I heard a lot of really good things about getting hired from being in the MA as well, and who doesn’t love that?

Q. Tell us about what you’re planning for Community relations in May.

A. We are putting a team together to initiate the Workout to Conquer Cancer, an event that will take place throughout the month of May. We’re trying to get as many people involved as possible and hopefully we can run some group workout sessions (there will be prizes)! Body Energy Club and the Daily Hive are sponsoring the event right now, which is super cool. It’s a thirty-day commitment to workout every day, and you get people to sponsor you, and all fundd raised will go to the BC Cancer Society. I think if we can get enough people involved it is going to be a really incredible event.

Q. What do you plan to do after BCIT?

A.I want to work at a marketing firm for a non-profit!  

Q. What has been your best experience so far within the MA? 

A. I really enjoyed doing the Dash for Dogs, and I had a lot of fun volunteering at Schmoozapalooza too.

Q. What do you plan to do next year as VP of community relations?

A. I have a couple organizations in mind that I want to work with. I want to organize a sleep out with the Covenant House, and I want to work more with the Whole Way House. Hopefully, if the Workout to Conquer Cancer event is successful, it would be cool to build on that and do more with the BC Cancer Society.

I mostly just want to figure out what causes and organization would get more people involved next year. This year, we had a lot of engagement from the executive members and members of the Community Relations committee, but there was a lot of opportunity to engage with more of the MA. I’m hoping to talk to everyone next year and figure out what organizations people want to support, and what they care about; that way we can get maximum involvement from everyone in the MA or within BCIT.

Q. What is something you’re super passionate about?

A.I’m passionate about health and animal rights. I’m vegan – and I know people are probably going to roll their eyes at this – but I really care about the well being of animals, and the effect that factory farming and animal farming has on the environment. I’d love to encourage more people to try a more vegan lifestyle, just because it’s incredibly sustainable and it can be really interesting. It’s a win-win!

Q. Tips for first years?

A. Probably to be to surround yourself with people who have a strong work ethic.  Everyone in my set this year worked really hard and I feel like we wouldn’t have accomplished as much as we did academically if we all didn’t have the same mindset. We wanted to get everything out of this experience and put our all into our school work, and I think it’s important to surround yourself with people who are going to push you to challenge yourself.  

Q. Favourite food?

A.I really like anything Mexican food. I like burrito bowls, burritos, fajitas… anything with guac pretty much.

Q. What are 3 things most people don’t know about you?

A.I was in Huggies commercials when I was a baby,I think I can speak French fluently but I don’t use it anymore,and my first job was at UBrew making wine (at seventeen years old).

Q. Are you a morning person or a night person?

A.  I’m definitely a night person I think from working in the restaurant industry for five years; I usually get my energy burst around 8-9 o’clock.  Which does not work well with having to get up at six to be at school by eight. Haha!

Thank you so much Ella for your hard work thus far.  BCITMA is lucky to have you and we are looking forward to watching you continue you grow and the amazing things you are going to bring to the executive board for the 2019-2020 year.  Congratulations! 

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