VP Spotlight: Ryan Francis​, Corporate Relations

Ryan Francis

The BCITMA is composed of many members all of which are crucial to its success. The one that stands out this month, and whose face is around more than you might like it to be, is in his 2ndyear of Marketing Communications.  Meet Ryan Francis, the BCITMA’s VP of Corporate Relations and the person responsible for getting me involved in this club. I am honored to congratulate Ryan for being January’s BCITMA VP Spotlight. I sat down with Ryan to find out a little more about who he is, what he does, and why he is here. Here’s his story!

  1. Q: Please enlighten us on how you joined the MA.

A: So, I was originally studying engineering at SFU, and then when I came to BCIT I had a friend, Tyler Mcmillan, who introduced me to the MA. He basically told me that people in the MA get good jobs, so that won me over. In first year I got involved in the case team and coordinated events; and, yeah, it was awesome.

  • Q: Could you offer any tips on getting through first year?

A: Become friends with second years. They know what you’ve been through, they also know the homework and the projects you’re going to be doing. Try to be social; get involved in clubs like the MA, JDC or Enactus and just make friends. You have a lot more time for it in first year whereas in second year you’re all tighter friends, but you have a lot less free time and you’ll be working a lot more than in first year. It’s easier at BCIT because you also have a lot of the same classes and schedules with friends, whereas at other universities, it’s different. Also talk to instructors! They can help direct you and make things a lot easier for you when getting started or needing help.

  • Q:Do you like your sandwiches cut into triangles or rectangles?

A: Triangles.

  • Q: If you hadn’t already invested so much time, energy and finances into this marketing program, what could you see yourself doing?

A: Right after engineering, I felt really lost. I considered culinary school, film school, even picking up digital marketing skills and becoming a digital nomad. The one I would’ve liked to have gone with the most would be the digital marketing nomad. Hence why I’m here!

  • Q: To give a little more insight for first years picking their second year option, what’s your take on Communications as an option?

A: I think every second year is going to be a little biased towards their selective. If you are looking for more insight try to speak to someone who has an unbiased opinion like an instructor. Otherwise I think Communications is great. It’s well rounded, teaches you hard skills, internet design, photoshop. In my opinion, the best part about the Communications program is the internships you get access to. 

  • Q: If you could live your life as a DC character who would it be?

A: Batman. He’s badass, rich, and smart.

  • Q: Are you looking to further your studies by possibly taking on a BBA or you just want to get out of BCIT as quick as possible?

A: I want to work. Probably come back to school at some stage and take up the BBA part-time. But learning is definitely on my mind going into the future; I might even take a look at some digital marketing bootcamps through RED or Lighthouse Labs.

  • Q: Go to snack food?

A: Sugary cereal and if I had to pick one, the Reese Puffs.

Thank you, Ryan, for shedding light on the corporate world and helping students use their new marketing skills in a more practical environment. I had an awesome time chatting. Congrats, and keep on keepin’ on!

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