Member of the Month, January: Beth Terracina

Beth Terracina, a positive and hardworking BCIT marketing student, helped pull off one of the biggest events in Vancouver’s marketing communications industry. Schmoozapalooza was full of industry leaders, aspiring industry change-makers, and alcohol. The result? Seventy-five students with their internship process kick started and underway. Beth, the First Year Director of Professional Development, lead the entire night while Heather took the backseat and pursued her internship. We’d like to thank Beth for all of the hard work that she put into this incredibly rewarding evening.

Here’s a bit about her. Congratulations, Beth!

Q:  How did you end up at BCIT and in the marketing program?

A:  I did my undergrad in Visual Art and Arts History at UBC; in my third year, I decided that I didn’t want to do art history anymore and began applying for marketing internships. From there, I fell in love with marketing and made some connections with people in the BCIT program. So I applied, here we are!

Q:  How did you get involved in the Schmooze?

A:  I love event planning. It was a no-brainer for me!

Q:  Describe your favourite moment that you had during the Schmooze planning process and what you’ve learnt from it.

A:  So I guess the planning process was really easy (thanks to Heather and Sam). I think my favourite part was recruiting people for the actual night of the Schmooze event. Logistics-wise, everything was set out quite nicely for me; it was just the day of the event that was the most hectic. Having planned out most of the event right up until the day of really set me and my team up quite quickly.

Q:  Highlight of the night?

A:  I would say just generally the event ran so smooth, which is so rare for any event. It was awesome.

Q:  Where do you want to be after you graduate?

A:  I want to work in events somewhere for sure. Possibly working at a concert company; maybe something on the terms of athletics. It would be cool to one day partner with a bigger brand like Nike, Soul-Cycle or Lululemon.

Q:  Favourite course at the moment?

A:  Sales Skills class.

Q:  Something you can’t leave the house without?

A:  My Chapstick.

Q:  Favourite show on Netflix right now?

A:  Friends from College.

Q:  How do you like your eggs?

A:  I would have to say fried.

Well, there you have it. Beth, you made the night unforgettable for not only the second-year Communications students, but for industry leaders who attended as well. Awesome event. Way to go, and thank you!

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