BCIT Marketing Association’s 7th Annual Regional Conference

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On January 19, 2019, the BCITMA presented its 7th annual Regional Conference. This year’s theme was “Digital Marketing: Immerse Yourself,” which updated 103 attendees on current and projected trends in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. Topics included digital strategy, predicted tech trends, and maintaining online integrity. The Regional Conference has become one of the BCITMA’s most anticipated events, connecting students with industry, faculty, and unique experiences. 

This year, students from Capilano University and Langara College joined BCIT in attending the conference. This diverse group of students allowed cross-institution networking and showed the event’s appeal to business students from varying fields. 

This year’s conference included three speakers from the local digital marketing industry. Four competitions were also offered to students, with cash prizes available for the winners: a case competition, a SABRE business simulator, a sales competition, and a marketing simulator. Exhibits and booths from the event’s sponsors introduced attendees to local businesses and presented networking opportunities. Time was also allocated for mingling and professional headshots. 


Most conference attendees were BCIT students from various business programs. The range of speakers and competitions attracted students from marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, as well as general business studies. Students from BCIT, Capilano University, and Langara College were in attendance and competing throughout the day. 

Many industry professionals and instructors attended the conference. The judges, sponsors, and speakers are active in their industry and took time out of their busy schedule to join students at the conference. 


The BCITMA offered four different competitions to conference attendees with the help of it sponsors: a SABRE business simulator, a case competition, a McGraw Hill Marketing Simulation, and a sales competition. 

SABRE Business Simulation 

SABRE is an internationally used business simulator for students studying dynamic industries. SABRE provides students with experience making decisions in fast-paced environments and is used in MBA programs around the world. The SABRE competition was sponsored by the SABRE Corporation.
1st Place: Brianna Delmaestro, Reeve Mathers-Cyr  (BCIT) 
2nd Place: Rosemary Preckel, Raymond Lam  (Capilano University) 

Case Competition 

This year’s case, sponsored by ADESA Richmond, focused on the staffing shortages being seen in British Columbia’s automotive industry. Students were tasked with identifying the segment of British Columbians who would be best to attract to the industry and explain which communications strategies companies like ADESA Richmond should employ to attract new talent.
1st Place: Olivia Peltier, Ryan Francis, Anna  Shkuratoff (BCIT) 
2nd Place: Abigail Edgar, Mark Lester, Brian Chang  (BCIT) 
3rd Place: Arashpreet Hothi, Isabella  Cheung, Mary Dyck (Capilano University) 

McGraw Hill Marketing Simulation 

This year the BCITMA was able to offer a unique marketing simulation thanks to its sponsor, McGraw Hill Education. First year marketing students at BCIT were introduced to the simulation in their coursework and dominated the final leaderboard.
1st Place: Tyler Parsons, Matthew Porietis, Dylan  McGee, Dan Abdrakhmanov 
2nd Place: Nolan Ramos, Julian Thomas, Hasan  Rashid, Johnny He 
3rd Place: Madelyne Lemieux, Marta Reznichenko,  Chazz Young, Paul Behragam 

Sales Competition 

Students were invited to compete in the Sales Competition sponsored by Sales Talent Agency. Competitors were required to prepare a five-minute pitch and present to a panel of judges, while showing off their sales and presentation skills.
1st Place: Karim Moodad (Capilano University) 
2nd Place: Susan Oliver (BCIT) 
3rd Place: Martina Carstairs (BCIT) 


Daniel Lessons, Rogers Media  Daniel Lessons is a Digital Account Manager at Rogers Media. Lessons shared insights into the current world of digital media and trends being seen in the industry. Lessons has worked in media internationally and shared some of his experiences with conference attendees. 

Nikolas Badminton, Exponential Minds  Nikolas Badminton is the CEO of Exponential Minds and is a futurist with a passion for technological innovation. Badminton believes that marketers and business leaders are responsible for driving social and environmental change on a global scale. Badminton shared personal experiences, case stories, and interesting facts with conference attendees. 

Ashley Lewis, Cossette Media  Ashley Lewis is a Digital Media Manager at Cossette, with 13 years of experience in the buying and selling of digital media. Lewis has experience planning and buying for the Canadian, US, UK and Australian markets. Lewis has developed a passion for data-driven digital strategies and has utilized the most current ad-

Huge thank you to our sponsors that help make the 2019 Regional Sales Conference a possibility!

The BCITMA is proud to have Rouge Media as our presenting sponsor for the Annual Regional Conference. Rouge Media connects brands all across North America with millions of customers. From experiential to digital marketing and everything in-between, Rouge Media ensures companies get active engagement from consumers on their out-of-home journey. With precise advanced targeting, Rouge Media helps brands reach people in the places that matter most to them.

Have you ever wanted to create high-impact marketing for products and services? With hundreds of clients, each with their own success stories, Rouge Media allows companies to be creative with their media. From barbershops and salons to campuses and bars, even through digital and mobile, create work that has a lasting impression at Rouge Media.

By sponsoring Marketing Week at BCIT, Rouge is looking to connect with industry professionals and students just like you! With offices in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, their team is talented and diverse. Check them out at rougemedia.com. Thank you, Rouge! We are so lucky to have you as our presenting sponsor.

Huge thank you to our sponsors that help make the 2019 Regional Sales Conference a possibility!

Known as one of the largest educational publishers, McGraw-Hill is learning science company that provides students with customized educational producers. Employing over 5,000 people across 28 countries, McGraw Hill provides services to over 135 countries in 60 languages. Moving to a more online supplier of educational resources, McGraw-Hill uses a personalized online system for students based on data of their skill level in order to determine the best way for them to effectively learn.

McGraw-Hill is the creator of the MH Practice Marketing Simulation. The Marketing Simulation Competition at BCITMA’s 7th annual Regional Sales Conference is sponsored by McGraw Hill with cash and textbook prizes. The simulation revolves around a team of four creating a backpack, targeting a market segment, selecting distribution channels, creating advertisements, allocating their budget and responding to changes threatening or benefiting their product. The simulation allows students to learn about marketing first hand and respond to changes that affect a marketer’s job.

Supporting students and educators across the world, McGraw-Hill continues to be a leader in the world of education. The BCITMA would like to thank McGraw-Hill in sponsoring the first annual marketing simulation competition.

Huge thank you to our sponsors that help make the 2019 Regional Sales Conference a possibility!

The BCIT Marketing Association is excited to have the Sales Talent Agency back as one of their Sponsors for 2019. They are one of the top sales recruitment agencies in North America. Sales Talent Agency helps company’s hire top performing sales professionals in many different industries. In the 11 years that they have been in business, they have revolutionized sales recruitment. If you are looking for a job in sales, this company can open many doors for you. If you are looking for a job in recruitment, look no further.

With the help of the Sales Talent Agency, the BCITMA is able to organize regional sales competitions that strengthen student’s sales skills and value proposition, while giving them real world sales presentation experience. Sales Talent Agency is one of the Gold Partners of the Great Canadian Sales Competition. Here students enter sales competitions and gain valuable experiences to help them in their future careers. The Great Canadian Sales Competition could help build your resume and give you skill sets and open doors you never thought possible.

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