Following the conclusion of the Run for the Cure event BCITMA participated in, I was fortunate to interview Kylee McCrae, VP of Community Relations for BCITMA. She was able to give fantastic insights about her experience during the event which took place this past September.

Kylee McCrae

“Honestly, the run went even better than I thought it would. I live by more the merrier when it comes to these events. Last year the Run for the Cure event was only open to BCITMA executives to bond and get to know each other. This year we took a different approach and opened it up to friends and family. In doing so we beat our goal of raising 1500$ and ended up raising $1911. We raised $305 just from baked goods; I’ve never even heard of that before. The people in the MA made the whole experience a fantastic time, whether it was running in the rain or creating a fun atmosphere at the bake sale. In a perfect world, I would’ve branched off and done more fundraising because it was for such a meaningful cause. The bake sale was such a rousing success that I think more events such a car wash or games would help raise awareness and get people more involved. We have more events this year and implementing some more of the fundraising aspects benefits both the people participating and the charity or event we are supporting. My role in this event this time was signing the MA up, getting people to register and marketing the run around the school and to family and friends of BCITMA members. While I was technically in charge of the BCITMA’s involvement in Run for the Cure, the event’s success wouldn’t have been possible with all the people involved dedicating their time and effort to achieve the success we did. Though we were soaking wet on the day of the race because of the rain, it had to be one of my favourite parts of the whole experience. The most important thing I learned was that everyone has something they want to do to make a difference. Finding that thing and enabling other people to help others all while enjoying the company of friends and family, well that’s a pretty good feeling.”

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