Member of the Month, September: Sandra Doaga

The BCITMA is proud to announce our September Member of the Month, Sandra Doaga of Marketing Management, Tourism!

Elected for her hard work with our participation in the CIBC Annual Run for the Cure, Sandra was an integral part of engaging the BCITMA community in the event. Her contribution and fundraising efforts were substantial, and we couldn’t have been as successful as we were in surpassing our goal of $1500 without her. Let’s get to know her!

QIn one minute, can you sum up how you ended up in Marketing at BCIT?

A: I’ve always liked marketing! My sister went to BCIT, and I liked the idea of joining a more condensed program. I’d rather be full time in school and than a full time job right now.

QHow did you get involved with the MA?

A: My friend Kaitlyn Shore is really involved in the MA as the VP of Sponsorship, and all of last year, she kept telling me how much she enjoyed the MA. This year I thought I should get more involved and help out with events, so just this past month I volunteered for the bake sale and Run for the Cure.

QWhat committees are you a part of this year?

A: For this event I was working with the Community Relations committee. I was talking with Annabelle Angle (VP of Communications) about promotion on social media as well, and also about future events with Susan Oliver (VP of Events). I’d like to volunteer for more events. I just really like to be involved with everything; I just really making new friends.

QWhich committee do you think you’ll gravitate towards?

A: Probably events. Last year I volunteered at the Annual Fashion Show by chance, and it ended up being really fun. I’d love to be a part of more events like that this year.

QWhat made you sign up for Run for the Cure?

A: I saw Kaitlyn post on Facebook about it, and I thought it’d be a really fun thing to do with the group. I especially thought it was a great way to get involved and I ended up raising $200 for the team on my own. I thought it was a great opportunity to do something positive.

QDid you run?

A: Kaitlyn and I walked. She promised me that there would be snacks. They gave us free tomatoes at the end. I was pretty happy.

Q: What are you most looking forward to this year in regard to the MA?

A: There’s a lot of things I’m excited for. I’m excited to connect with more people and get the most out of time at BCIT. I’m especially looking forward to future events involving tourism.

QPost-grad plans?

A: I’d really like to get my BBA. I’m hoping that I can do it on an educational exchange with BCIT. I’d love to travel for a year, and then probably come back and start my career.

QWhat did you do this summer?

A: I went travelling, ironically! I went to Japan for one month, then back home to Romania for another month to visit my family.

QTips or tricks for first years?

A: Stay on top of your stuff, and try to start studying earlier than you think you need to. This midterm season I wish that I started studying earlier because I fell behind, as most of us do at some point with BCIT. I’ve really gotten into using my planner this year which really helps with prioritizing!

QWhich course are you really enjoying right now? Is there one that you’re looking forward to in the spring semester?

A: I think that they’re all useful in their own way. Maybe Tourism Venture Creation, it’s learning to be entrepreneurial and how to start a business. We had a project where you have to think of a small business idea and propose it Dragon’s-Den style. The instructor picks the top three and those people become the CEOs of their company, and they hire their classmates. We have to do interviews with our classmates and everything. My idea was to rent ATVs to go up hiking trails instead of hiking. Love it!

QAwesome. Finally, favourite fall food?

A: I’ve been loving soup. In the morning, heat up that miso soup and drink it at school. Perfect for students!

Thank you so much Sandra for your hard work last month. We’re looking forward to watching you grow this year with the BCITMA! Congratulations!

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